About Us!

“Quanto works from the vision that everyone in your organization must be able to form their own insights. And it is precisely these joint insights that enable you to continuously improve your organization. We call this Collective Analytics.”

We are the face of Power BI in the Netherlands.Quanto was founded by the two Dutch top experts in Power BI: Michiel Rozema and Henk Vlootman. We have both received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. But for us it’s not primarily about technology.We bridge the gap between the techniques and concepts of Power BI and the issues in your organization, at every level. We help you to translate the insights that your organization needs into a high-quality analytics solution that is fully in line with this. With our unique approach in combination with the power of Power BI that goes faster than you think!

Follow us on our journey!

We like to share their knowledge of Power BI. One of the things we do is speaking on conferences and delivering PreCon sessions. In the short period of Quanto’s existence Michiel Rozema and Henk Vlootman did a lot of sessions. Are you curious in what we have achieved? Well then read our conference journal.