A revolution is happening around data. The future of your organization depends on the ability to work with data-driven insights and strategies. Getting insights is not something for a central department anymore. The analysis of data by business managers, something that has been done for a long time in Excel, becomes more efficient, structured, and scalable by self-service business intelligence tools.

These trends cause the rise of new leaders in business intelligence and analytics. The number one of these is Microsoft, with Power BI.

Quanto was founded by the two Dutch top experts in Power BI: Michiel Rozema and Henk Vlootman. Both were awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award by Microsoft. Our network of Power BI experts and data & analytics consultants guarantees high-quality solutions that optimally address the needs of your organization. We cross the bridge between technology, the self-service concepts of Power BI, and the challenges of your organization, on every level.

Quanto works from the vision that everyone in your organization should be able to form their insights. And it is precisely from joint insights that you can continuously improve your organization. To teach your people to collect and analyze data themselves, is equally or even more important than delivering high-quality analyses and dashboards. We call this Collective Analytics.


The benefits of Quanto:

  • Added value for your organization with Collective Analytics
  • The top in Power BI, together in one company
  • We focus on collaboration and happily share our knowledge
  • A flexible and fast approach of your BI and analytics project
  • Total solutions based on a broad range of services and a large network of specialists


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