Power Platform World Tour – Copenhagen

10-12 September 2019

For the Copenhagen edition of the Power Platform World Tour we have given a one-day PreCon training on ‘Data Modeling & DAX Fundamentals’.

We provided two sessions at the conference itself:

  • ‘How Power BI and Collective Analytics Change your Business’
  • ‘Best Practices in Power Query’



Power Platform World Tour – London

28-29 August 2019

During the London edition of the Power Platform World Tour Michiel and Henk held a session about ‘Data Modeling in Power BI’.
And, we’re happy with feedback from the evaluations, like:

‘Very informative, awesome presentation.’
‘Really enjoyed that session, wished I were at their summer camp! The speakers were really making the session alive and I learned a lot, I am glad I joined’
‘Henk and Michiel presented a very engaging session – they are a great double-act!’



Excel Power BI Summer Boost

28 June 2019

During the Summer Boost Henk presented Henk different sessiosn about Power Pivot and Power Query in Power BI.


Power BI Summer School 2019

24-27 June 2019

The second edition of our Power BI Summer School!

Henk and Michiel delivered some sessions:

  • ‘Collective Analytics: BI is a Business Discipline’
  • ‘Data Transformation with Power Query and Dataflows’
  • ‘DAX, Context, and Variables’

In addition there was a largely international speaker group: Gasper Kamensek, Prathy Kamasani, Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen, Ida Bergum, and Arend Oosterhoorn.


CM National Controllersday 2019

20 June 2019

During the National Controllers Day in Bussum, The Netherlands Michiel and Henk held a session about ‘Data is the new gold (and controllers are the treasurers).


Microsoft Ignite The Tour – Stockholm

24-25 April 2019

Ignite – The Tour stopped in Stockholm at the end of April 2019, and Henk gave a session called “Power BI, Excel, and Office 365: Unlocking the Value of your Enterprise Data”.


NIVE Controllerscongress 2019

16 April 2019

During the sixth edition of the NIVE Controllers Congress Michiel and Henk held a session on “The third digital revolution”.


Power BI User day 2019

30 March 2019

The third edition of the Power BI User Day, and one year after the launch of Quanto!

As board members of the Power BI User Group, Michiel and Henk had put a lot of work into organizing this event, and with nearly 700 visitors it was a great success.

Quanto was Silver’s partner this day, and Michiel has delivered a session on ‘Reporting with a 4-4-5 calendar’.



Power Platform Summit Europe – Amsterdam

26-29 March 2019

The international Power Platform Summit Europe, successor to the Data & BI Summit Europe, was held in Amsterdam in 2019 immediately prior to the Power BI User Day.

During the Power Platform Summit Europe we gave a one-day PreCon training on the subject of ‘Power BI for Business and Finance’.

During the Summit itself we provided a (very well-attended) session about ‘The Secret to Mastering DAX: Understanding Context’.


Power BI Days – Belgium

26 January 2019

During the Belgium Power BI Days in Mechelen we presented a session called ‘Financial Reports with Power BI’.


Excel Experience Day 2018

6 December 2018

At the Excel Experience Day 2018 in Arnhem, The Netherlands we delivered at lleast four sessions! Henk presented two sessions:

  • ‘Why you want to use Power Query in Excel ‘
  • ‘The battle: Power Query versus VBA’

Michiel presented the following sessions

  • ‘Effective data analysis with Power Pivot in Excel’
  • ‘Advantage calculations in Power Pivot with DAX’

Power BI User group

29 November 2018

At a evening session of the Power BI User group, that also marked the leave of Jeroen Ter Heerd of Microsoft to the USA Michiel and Henk gave a session.

The title was ‘Financial insights in Power BI’, but it turned out to be a Q&A session. As well fine!


Power Summit Phoenix 2018

15-18 October 2018

In Phoenix, Arizona USA Michiel and Henk dilevered two sessions:

  • ‘Collective Analytics: the Real Power of Power BI’
  • ‘Row-Level Security in Power BI’

OWe also spent a lot of time. dressed in dokters jackets at the ‘medic’s booth’, in order to help visitors at the event with their Power BI questions. And fortunately we had enough time to enjoy the beatiful scenery!


Power BI World Tour 2018 – Copenhagen

10-12 September 2018

In Copenhagen Michiel and Henk dilevered a PreCon training ‘Security in Power BI’.

We also delivered two sessions:

  • ‘The Secret of Power BI: Understanding Context’
  • ‘Financial Reports in Power BI’



Manchester Power BI User Group

31 August 2018

Henk went to Manchester UK to present a session about the ‘Best Practice Power BI’


Power BI Summer School 2018

25-28 June 2018

The first Power BI Summer School ever, by Quanto!

Michiel and Henk also gave a couple of sessions:

  • ‘Power BI end-to-end’
  • ‘Effective Power BI Model Design’
  • ‘Securing Power BI Models with DAX’
  • ‘How Power BI and Collective Analytics Change Your Business’



Amsterdam Excel Summit

7-8 June 2018

Henk delivered two sessions, mainly aimed at Excel:

  • ‘Mastering your data in Power Pivot’
  • ‘How to build Excel models’



Data & BI Summit 2018 – Dublin

25-26 April 2018

Sessions from Michiel and Henk:

  • ‘The secret of Power BI: Understanding Context’
  • ‘Working with Driving Tables’

Power BI User day 2018

24 March 2018

At the Power BI User day 2018 Michiel and Henk delivered

  • A PreCon training ‘The six pillars of security in Power BI’
  • A sessions ‘The secrets of context in DAX’
  • A sessions ‘Hiërarchy and driving tables’