our vision and expertise

What we do

Customers turn to Quanto for strategic advice, but also for complex Power BI / DAX challenges.

Some examples:

  • Strategic workshops with your management team
  • Advice on architecture and organization on BI
  • Set-up and guidance on projects to implement Power BI
  • Training and coaching of you BI team
  • Expert demand-side support for outsourced BI
  • Reviving Power BI solutions or projects that are in trouble
  • Solving performance issues
  • Development of complex Power BI solutions, in close cooperation with business stakeholders
  • Guiding migration from Excel to Power BI

Our vision: Collective Analytics

At Quanto, we work from the vision of Collective Analytics. This terminology denotes where the true value of analytics is: in the hands of each individual in your organization and in the joint insights of the collective. A collective analytics culture enables organizations to continously innovate.

We work with the five layer model for BI, that provides a simple framework for conversations about both BI solution architectures and data-driven organization and BI project design.

Our expertise is concentrated on Microsoft Power BI. We apply Power BI not just as the target platform for BI solutions. Power BI is also a tremendously powerful tool to streamline BI projects. Our way of working has been formalized in the Agile Analytics project approach.

Analytics is about creating insights based on data. The data-driven organization doesn’t stop there, however. Insights only provide business value when they are actionable; and taking action leads to additional data that can enrich or confirm existing insights. Through this, a cycle of data-drive business transformation emerges. The Microsoft Power Platform, of which Power BI is one component, enables this through the creation of apps to automate taking action, and through connecting individuals, processes, and systems with automated process flows. When needed, people can interact with automated systems in natural language through intelligent chatbots.

Quanto helps you to unlock the full value of the Power Platform. For us, business value is key. We always look for pragmatic solutions. Do you aspire a highly performant organization through data? Let’s talk!

Power BI Support

Does you organization use Power BI? And do you encounter issues and questions? You are not alone! Many Power BI users struggle with DAX calculations that do not return the expected results, with performance issues, or with questions how to set up a report. Whatever your question is, we are here to help you.

How does Quanto Power BI Support work? First, you estimate how much support you need. Next, you and your coworkers can get in touch with us for any question on Power BI. Power BI Support packages start from 5 hours of support. Support is consumed in units of 15 minutes.

Do you want to know more about Quanto Power BI Support? Click the button below to ask for more information and pricing.