Power BI Summer School

get the best out of you!

Tuesday 21 september - Friday 24 september 2021




The program

1: Advanced data preparation for Power BI with DataFlows

Data preparation and transformation in Power BI is done through Power Query. In the Power BI service, Power Query is available to create Dataflows. In this session, you will learn advanced data preparation techniques enabled by the unique features of Power Query online.

2: Collaborative insights: Power BI in Teams

With the surge in usage of Microsoft Teams during the 2020 lockdowns, clearly Teams is a major, strategic collaboration platform. Teams rapidly evoluates into the primary entrypoint for productivity workloads. Recently, Power BI was integrated into Teams, allowing for not only viewing Power BI reports from within Teams, but enriching Power BI with collaborative experiences as well. This session introduces you to unique scenarios that become available through the combination of Teams and Power BI.

3: Complex DAX calculations and performance

One of the most powerful and at the same time, most complex components of Power BI is the DAX language. Experienced Power BI analysts solve ever more advanced problems with DAX. It is common to run into slow-running calculations in the process. In this session, we discuss approaches to solve complex problems with DAX and to build calculations that are snappy.

4: Enrich your Power BI analysis with AI

Artificial Intelligence is available at all levels of Power BI to take your data analysis to the next level. Predicting future outcomes, gaining a deeper understanding of your data, and explanation of results are all powered by AI. In this session, you will be introduced to general AI concepts and learn how these can be applied in Power BI.

5: Advanced Security in Power BI

Data security is a prime citizen in the Power BI platform. In this session, we take a look at row-level security. The main focus, however, is how to solve more advanced security scenarios, like securing attributes and securing aggregation levels.

6: Actionable Insights with Power BI and Power Automate

The ultimate goal of data analytics is not having great insights, but to improve things - whether it be financial results, process efficiency, or customer satisfaction. For those goals to be reached, insights are needed but more importantly, actions must be taken upon those insights. Power Automate allows for automated actions right from where the insights are.

7: Create Compelling Reports with Charticulator

The visualization capabilities of Power BI are great out of the box. If the native visualizations are not enough, a full marketplace of custom visuals is available. Building custom visuals is hard, though. In this session, you will learn how to use Charticulator: a tool developed by Microsoft Research that provides a no-code way to build your own specific visuals for Power BI.


The Power BI Summer School

Three days at the beach with high quality (English) content, top experts in Power BI and a very relaxed atmosphere: that is the Power BI Summer School. We also organize a Mystery tour. A favorite of previous participants!

These ingredients have already led participants to expand their expertise in Power BI and Power Platform three times to their satisfaction. We do expect you to have a basic knowledge of Power BI. We go into the depth quite quickly. The Power BI Summer School 2021 is organized by Quanto, the Dutch Collective Analytics company. Both founders, Michiel Rozema and Henk Vlootman, have received the Microsoft MVP award for several years. They belong to the top of the Dutch Power BI experts. The following speakers would like to pass on their knowledge to you:

  • Michiel Rozema
  • Henk Vlootman
  • Coen Ruys
  • Marcelle Monshouwer
If you want to get the most out of the summer, register for the Power BI Summer School 2021.



Just as in Power BI we always look at the bounderies. The same counts foe our location for the Power BI Summer School 2021. For instance it lies 100 meters from the beach and 8 kilometers from Belgium.

We settle down in Hotel-Restaurant Nieuwvliet-bad in de city with the same name in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

Away from everything it is the spot to broaden your Power BI knowledge.

What you get

  • Three nights standard room (Tuesday until Friday)
  • 7 sessions by renowned speakers
  • 2 exclusive Q&A sessions (all you can ask!)
  • Barbeque / diner at the beach on Wednesday
  • Diner on Thursday
  • Participation to the Mystery tour
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 3 lunches
  •  Whole lot of Power BI Knowledge