Power BI Summer School

get the best out of your summer!

Monday 20 june 2022 - Thursday 23 June 2022



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The program

Session 1: One version of the truth

Managing data collections is not easy. There are many types and flavors of data sources. As a BI professional, it is important to consider where the data is stored. Fortunately, Microsoft has several options for data storage. That is not only a topic for ICT. The advanced Power BI user also needs to act as counterpart to create the optimal situation.

Session 2: Visualization Drill trough

Story telling is all about transforming your data into visualizations that contain actionable insights. One of the great features in Power BI is the possibility to drill through data. From a high hierarchical level, you can zoom in at details. Using this technique is very effective but it has its drawbacks. In this session, we discuss options and issues in using this technique.

Session 3: Perfect Finance report

An overview of steps and methods I use to create "perfect" finance reports. This will be a zero to hero Finance report building where we will start the Session with raw data and finish the Session with the "perfect" finance report. During construction, we will use an array of modeling techniques, DAX tricks, and custom visualizations that will ultimately result in THE Perfect Finance report.

Session 4: Statistical analyses

Statistical calculations can give you deep insights. Within Power BI, there are some built-in statistical DAX functions. In this session, we explain some of these functions and their use in your model.

Session 5: Robust Power Query

Power Query is a great tool to load and transform data into your Power BI model. But sets of queries can become messy and slow. In this session, we dive deeper in the underlying M code to show how to optimize queries.

Session 6: Practical AI in Power BI

Power BI Desktop is a jack of many trades: Data Visualization, ETL, Data Modelling, etc. Many of those features are supported with "smart" functionalities (via the user interface or scripts in DAX, M. R, or Python). In this talk we will take a practical look on some of these features and let them shine in particular use cases:

* Time Series Analysis

* Correlation Analysis

* Text Mining

* Anomaly Detection

* Scenarios

Session 7: Advanced financial DAX

This session focuses on insights in the value of an investment over time. As a specific example, think of acquiring a property to rent out: after an initial investment, incoming and outgoing cash flows are to be expected in the future. The value of a single dollar in the future is different from a dollar in the present; this is due to inflation, but is also related to the option to invest the dollar from the present in another way to earn a return over time. Future cash flows therefore need to be adjusted to make them comparable to today’s investment and to ultimately answer the question: is this a good investment to make?


The Power BI Summer School

Three days at the beach with high quality (English) content, top experts in Power BI, and a very relaxed atmosphere: that is the Power BI Summer School. We also organize a Mystery tour. A favorite of previous attendees!

These ingredients have already helped attendees expand their expertise in Power BI and Power Platform four times. We do expect you to have a basic knowledge of Power BI as we go in-depth quite quickly. The Power BI Summer School 2022 is organized by Quanto. Both founders, Michiel Rozema and Henk Vlootman, have received the Microsoft MVP award for several years. They are among the top Power BI experts. 

During the Power BI Summer School 2022, these experts will share their knowledge with you:
  • Michiel Rozema (MVP)
  • Henk Vlootman (MVP)
  • Gašper Kamenšek (MVP)
  • Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen (MVP)

If you want to get the most out of the summer, register for the Power BI Summer School 2022. The Early Bird discount is valid until 27 march 2022.



Just as in Power BI, we always look at the boundaries. The same is true for our location for the Power BI Summer School 2022. This year we will go to an island: Texel!

Our venue is:
Van der Valk hotel De Koog
Pelikaanweg 18
De Koog, Texel

What you get

  • 3 nights, standard room (Monday until Thursday)
  • 7 sessions by expert speakers
  • 2 exclusive Q&A sessions (all you can ask!)
  • Barbecue / dinner on the beach on Tuesday
  • Dinner on Wednesday
  • Participation in the Mystery tour
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 3 lunches
  • A whole lot of Power BI knowledge