Join us!

At Quanto, ‘Collective Analytics’ is not only about our vision on the way BI and analytics should be approached. It also speaks of who we are as a company.

We are a company without shareholders who request the highest return on investment. And profit is not the highest goal for us. Above all, we want to add value to our customers, without losing sight on the world around us. We want to keep developing ourselves, as professionals and as human beings. This means that our schedules have room for attending and contributing to conferences, and for important things in life. It also means that we accept engagements that may not sound commercially attractive, but that we deem important because they help make the world a little better.

Can you relate to this? And do you want to work in an environment where you can learn from the best, but where your qualities are seen and where you really add something to the collective? In that case, we’re happy to get to know you. Please send an email to

Do you have your own business, working as a freelance professional? We would like to investigate how we can work together. We need professionals who complement and extend our expertise, and who help to further develop and propagate our vision.