At Quanto, the collective is the center of it all. This means that we don’t think we are the best in everything, but that we work together with partners who complement our expertise and who reflect our vision. Here are some of the companies we partner with.



Sorsebridge is a cooperation between a number of partners, that has started from the vision that working smarter should be in the reach of every organization. All partners are senior professionals who are among the top in the field. Sorsebridge aims at realizing value through a unique Data Driven Transformation approach. An important aspect of this is that the customer organization determines the speed of growth, based on their capabilities.

Based on shared experience, Sorsebridge and Quanto have developed Agile Analytics: a flexible approach for business intelligence projects that delivers insight, and therefore value for the organization, very fast. In Agile Analytics, Power BI is not only used as a platform for reports and dashboards, but also as a means to accelerate the design and development processes and to align them to the view of the business user. 

Sorsebridge also offers scheduled training courses, among which the Power BI courses of Quanto. For more information, see



ValueBlue gives control of your ICT-services to improve the quality of business operations. Within an open culture the ValueBlue team passionately works together on one goal: to ensure clients gain insights when it comes to the coherence and simplification of their ICT landscapes. Why? Because ICT landscapes are too often too complex and opaque, while organizations become ever more depending on the functionality and efficiency of their application landscape and the provision of information facilitated by these applications.

ValueBlue’s software, BlueDolphin, isn’t just a tool for Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management, that delivers complex diagrams that end up in a drawer. The true power of BlueDolphin lies in the capability to enable organizations to really collaborate, to let everyone contribute and gain an overview of the whole. This way, tangible and durable improvements are realized. This is exactly what resonates with us at Quanto. Want to know more? Contact us, or take a look at