Advanced DAX

All you need to know to become a professional DAX user

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A Power BI data model, or analytical model, is the core of a Power BI solution. Each Power BI report is based on a data model that combines data and provides aggregations and all sorts of calculated results. When you have worked with analytical models for some time, you will need ever more advanced analyses with DAX. For this, advanced knowledge of DAX is needed. This course will help you to get the most out of DAX.

The concepts and techniques of Power BI data models are identically available in other tools like Power Pivot in Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular, and Azure Analysis Services. So, the knowledge acquired through this course can be applied in many ways.

Learning Goals

This course aims to teach you to create advanced DAX calculations in an analytical model. We’ll cover several DAX functions but more importantly, focus on the underlying concepts that enable you to create your own calculations. Also, we’ll spend time on how to go from business question to DAX formula. After this course:
• You can develop advanced DAX calculations with e.g. DAX table functions.
• You can use control tables and corresponding calculations to drive specific behavior of reports.
• You have knowledge of advanced concepts in DAX context, and you are able to implement complex scenarios like extrapolation and forecasting.


The course starts with a recap of DAX context and filters as the foundation for more advanced topics:
• DAX table functions, and table filters
• DAX variables
• Control tables
• DAX performance
• Implementing complex scenarios with DAX

Quanto training is the place to be if you want to learn how Power BI and related applications work. Quanto’s trainers are both MVP (Most Valuable Professional): a Microsoft award for exceptional contributions, commitment and outstanding technical community leadership. A clear sign that you get the best of Power BI knowledge. Learn from the best trainers in Europe, with 10+ years experience in Power BI.
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  • Get rid of manual work by automatic load and transform of complex data.
  • Learn how BI really works for your Business.
  • International setting, the course is delivered in English or Dutch.

Training information:

  • Costs: € 1.099,00. VAT may apply. The invoice will be sent by Quanto B.V.
  • Participants: we allow a maximum of 15 participants.
  • Language: this training is delivered in English or Dutch. All training materials are in English.
  • Material: students will receive a hand-out with the course material and training files.


This course is for everyone who wants to get the most out of analytical models with DAX. Students are expected to have some knowledge and experience with analytical models. The Power BI Modeling & DAX Fundamentals course is a good preparation for this course. When in doubt, please contact us to discuss whether this course fits your expertise and needs.


Henk Vlootman, Data Platform MVP.

Henk Vlootman has been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP award since 2013. From 2013 until 2016, he received the award for his outstanding expertise and community leadership in Excel. Since 2016 he has been awarded in the Data Platform category for Power BI. Henk is founder and CEO of Quanto and founder and chairman of the Dutch Power BI User Group.

With a 25+ year career as an Excel consultant, trainer, and author, Henk Vlootman has ample experience in helping organizations get the most out of their data. Being the face of Microsoft’s launch campaign for Power Pivot for Excel in the Netherlands, he was one of the first to work with the technology now known as Power BI.

Henk is a regular speaker at Power BI and Excel-related conferences around the world. He blogs for Financieel Management, the Dutch community for finance professionals.

Michiel Rozema, Data Platform MVP.

Michiel Rozema has been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP award since 2019. He was given the award for his outstanding expertise and community leadership in Power BI.Michiel is founder and CEO of Quanto and founder and board secretary of the Dutch Power BI User Group.

Michiel Rozema is a data analytics consultant combining deep knowledge of Power BI with expertise on process-oriented and organizational aspects of data analytics. He is a top expert in the DAX analytical language. As a Data Insight Lead at Microsoft, he was responsible for the introduction of Power BI and its predecessors in The Netherlands.
Michiel is a highly appreciated trainer and a regular speaker on  (Power BI) conferences worldwide.