Hello World!

The time has come.


How to start a blog? And where? And when? To start with the latter, there’s never a perfect time to start. In fact, Henk and I have planned for a Quanto blog since before Quanto formally existed. We train a lot of people in many things Power BI, and we help a lot of customers building Power BI reports, setting up projects, and implement new ways of working with data. Doing this, obviously we learn a lot ourselves too. In each training course, people ask questions that make us think of new problems to solve, or new ways to solve old problems. In each customer project, specific issues arise that need creative solutions. All in all, every day we learn new things, and we always wanted to share these with you (hello world!). It was just a matter of finding time, or honestly, discipline, to set up a proper blog.


Where to start? Well, if you read this, you know where… It’s kind of funny that over time, we’re not only getting better at Power BI, the Power Platform, and other parts of Microsoft’s data platform, but we’re also learning a lot about WordPress. Apparently, you can’t do without these days! We’re reasonably happy with our current blog set-up, although some updates or even complete overhauls may come in the future. Like we say in developing Power BI solutions, the first version is wrong anyway so we’d better not worry too much about the things that can be improved.


So, how to start a blog? With an inaugural post, sketching our grand vision of the state of affairs on data analytics and a manifesto on the principles of Power BI? Hmm. Some time, maybe. For now, we think we’ll just get started.

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